Raised PET Lid 150mm / Cold Food (Lid Only)


Dimensions: 150mm
Brim Full Capacity: Nil
Material: PET
Sleeve Qty: 50×6 sleeve
Carton Qty: 300 (Sold in carton qty)

Raised 150mm PET Lid – Clip on transparent lid that fits the PLA Coated 16/25/32oz Kraft Salad Bowl. Suitable for hot and cold food use. Food safe.
Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – It does not contain plasticizer enabling it to be recyclable – at industrial composting facility only
These raised lids provide are efficient and effective, as not only does the transparency of the lid allow you to showcase your beautiful meal but also allows you to fit more of that meal in with the raised lid.
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