Clear Plastic Container Hinged Lid

Secure the flavor and freshness of your takeaway orders with these hinged plastic containers. Our selection of clear plastic container hinged lid comes in an array of sizes and compartment styles to suit your needs. Great for snacks, desserts, sandwiches, chips, salads, and more! Disposable King offers high-quality and leak-proof hinged plastic containers at great wholesale prices. Check out our offerings today to source the hinged plastic containers you need for your food business.

High quality clear plastic container hinged lid

To be reliable, a disposable food container must be durable, lightweight, leak-proof, and secure. This is what we aim to accomplish with our hinged plastic containers. We know your customers will often order food for delivery or takeaways. And if you manage a restaurant, café, or canteen, you will need disposable food plastic containers to place left-overs in. One of the qualities of our clear plastic container hinged lid is durability. They are made using high-quality plastic that’s water proof and food heat-resistant. This keeps your customers’ ordered food intact, delicious, and fresh --- whether consumed at once or later in the day. Despite its thickness and quality, our clear plastic container hinged lid is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes bulk takeaway orders easier to transport or carry across distances. We also offer hinged plastic containers at different sizes and capacities, so you’re sure to find the container that’s right for every need. Finally, the hinged lid keeps the clear plastic container secure and in place, keeping preventable spills and leaks at bay. Serve up saucy pastas and frosted desserts conveniently for takeaways in these secure, disposable, and recyclable plastic containers from Disposable King.

Maintain food quality and taste with the right containers

We also offer multi-compartment hinged plastic containers, ideal for serving up different food varieties in a single takeaway container. The two or three compartments keep different dishes separate from each other and help to preserve freshness and flavor integrity. The clear plastic lids, moreover, allow for easy visibility of food items so you need not open each one to access what you need. Perfect for food storage and catering during events, picnics, and many other occasions! Want to make the right impression to your customers? Invest in reliable and practical takeaway containers. With clear plastic container hinged lid ready and on-hand, you can easily cater all kinds of orders on any given day!

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