Wrap Films, Foils & Baking Paper

Baking paper or parchment paper is moisture and grease resistant paper specially made for oven use. These papers are disposable sheets with non-sticky surface, ideal for baking purposes. As they deliver better baking results, they are used for lining cake pans, baking pans, cookie sheets, lasagna dishes and other purposes. In addition, the baking papers can also be used to reheat pizza, French fries and fish in the oven. At Disposable King, we supply high-quality baking and parchment paper to restaurants, bakeries and confectionaries across Melbourne. Our products have high demand in the market due to their premium quality and affordable prices.

Our baking and parchment paper are available in various roll diameters, width, length and die-cutting, meaning that we have something that suits your requirement. All of our baking papers are made from non-stick materials to ensure that nothing stick to the pan, preventing messy grease and reducing your cleaning time. See our bulk collections of baking papers and parchment papers and place your order now!

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