Plastic Cups / Lids

Whether you are throwing a party, organising a large event or running a food-service business, it is essential to make sure that you have plenty of plastic cups to keep everything organised. At Disposable King, we offer a wide range of plastic cups and compatible lids in different sizes to choose from. If a hardened or unbreakable plastic cup is what you are looking for, we are guaranteed to have something that fits your need.

Our plastic cups can be used for serving shakes, cold drinks, smoothies and blended ice coffees in style. There are a wide variety of cup sizes and shapes available with clear lids that add to the convenience while carrying the drink around. All of our plastic cups and sampling cups are made from high quality PP and PET material, combining quality design, lightweight, leak-proof and damage resistant features. Known for high-durability, our plastic cups facilitate safe storage and retain freshness. Explore our inventory and place your order now.