Plastic Plate & Plastic Bowl

Disposable King is one of the leading suppliers of plastic plates and bowls to the households and businesses across Melbourne at the most competitive prices. For those who are looking for quick fix things, our disposable plates and bowls can serve as the ideal solution. Whether you need these beautiful plates to serve your customers or guests, you can astound your invitees with these disposable units.

We have various selections of plates in different sizes and shapes such as oval and spherical, in elegant black and white colours that can add a retro look to your decor. If you are looking out for a stunning dinner set for your family or customers, you would definitely benefit from our plastic plates and bowls.

Our plastic plates and bowls can be paired with our plastic cutlery which will give a timeless bang to your décor. So, don’t miss to check out our goodies and make your orders today!

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