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Why Invest in Quality Napkins? From Kraft brown paper napkins to large dinner napkins paper and white paper napkins, varied types come with varied uses. One of the main uses of napkins, however, is to take care of spills and messes as needed. The more eye-catching and colourful types may be used and crafted for decorative use. Here at Disposable King, we can source you with the napkins you need, in the colours, prints, and sizes you prefer. Browse through our offerings today!

Types of Napkins Available at Disposable King

Our range of paper napkins include A&C Gentility 1 Ply Luncheon Napkin, Q Fold White, 2 Ply Luncheon Napkin GT Fold, Culinaire 1 Ply Luncheon Napkin, Polar lunch napkins, Polar dinner napkins, Caprice green quilted dinner napkin, Polar quilted dinner napkin, Duro quilted dinner napkin, Caprice Cocktail Napkins, Ultrasoft quilted dinner napkins and many more. Our paper napkins are available in a pack of 1,000 sheets in different specifications and colours such as red, white, peach, burgundy, green and brown. From Kraft brown paper napkins to large paper napkins for dinner, our selections are comprehensive, top-quality, and priced just right.

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No matter what kind of food service business you are running, dispenser napkins have become a necessity. Purchase your white paper napkins, quilted dinner napkins, and Kraft brown paper napkins from us today. Let Disposable King be your source in Melbourne and beyond!
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