Napkins / Serviettes

No matter what kind of food service business you are running, dispenser napkins have become a necessity. Whether you are looking for bulk-packed paper napkins or colourful beverage napkins, you can find everything that strikes your fancy only at Disposable King. As a leading supplier of disposable products, we carry an extensive range of paper napkins from reputable manufacturers around the world at the most reasonable prices.

Our range of paper napkins include A&C Gentility 1 Ply Luncheon Napkin, Q Fold White, 2 Ply Luncheon Napkin GT Fold, Culinaire 1 Ply Luncheon Napkin, Polar lunch napkins, Polar dinner napkins, Caprice green quilted dinner napkin, Polar quilted dinner napkin, Duro quilted dinner napkin, Caprice Cocktail Napkins, Ultrasoft quilted dinner napkins and much more. Our paper napkins are available in a pack of 1000 sheets in different specifications and colours such as red, white, peach, burgundy, green and brown. Order our durable napkins and keep messes and spills at bay.

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