Disposable Hand Gloves

Where Can You Use Disposable Hand Gloves?

Disposable hand gloves are widely used in the foodservice, hospitability and healthcare industries to ensure utmost cleanliness and sanitation. These handy, disposable gloves offer protection and ensure hygiene in work spaces and food businesses at all times. Disposable King offers high-quality disposable hand gloves that you can use for your home, restaurant, food stall, canteen, or other establishments. We also have gloves for industrial and hospitality use. With our guarantees on quality and affordability, finding the best disposable hand gloves in the market need not be difficult.

How to Choose the Best Disposable Hand Gloves

Not all hand gloves are created equal. And when it comes to sourcing disposable hand gloves for your enterprise, there is no one-product-fits-all. This is why at Disposable King we offer various kinds and types. We carry latex, nitrile, vinyl, rubber, and silver-lined gloves in various colours and sizes. More than the aesthetics, our gloves are also designed to possess varied characteristics and features. For instance, our latex gloves feature high level of touch sensitivity ideal for medical and industrial usage. As for our nitrile disposable hand gloves, they are crafted specifically for medical use and food service establishments, mainly with chemical resistance as a feature. For the handling of non-hazardous substances, our vinyl gloves are a good choice. And finally, we have silver-lined gloves with inner coating that make them ideal for repeated uses.

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