Disposable gloves are widely used in the foodservice, hospitability and healthcare facilities to ensure the utmost cleanliness and sanitation. They not only protect your hands from potentially harmful chemicals and impurities, but also prevent cross contamination. Here at Disposable King, we supply high-quality gloves to a number of businesses and households across Melbourne at the most reasonable prices. We carry latex, nitrile, vinyl, rubber and silver lined gloves in attractive colours from the world’s leading manufacturers and get them delivered at your doorstep at your requested time.

Our latex gloves have a high-level of touch sensitivity and are ideal for medical and industrial use. Our nitrile gloves are extensively used in medical practices and foodservice establishments due to their resistance to chemicals and hazardous items. Our vinyl gloves are the most economic option and best for use with non-hazardous materials. Our silver-lined gloves come with a silverline coating on the inside of the glove which enables you to use them for multiple times. Explore our inventory now and order the type of gloves you require!