Paper Bags Supplier Melbourne

Disposable King is your paper bags supplier Melbourne, offering an assortment of paper bags, eco-friendly kraft bags, and customisable brown or white bags that bring value to your brand. We specialise in paper bags wholesale Melbourne, ideal for your daily business operations in Melbourne or in greater Australia.

Paper Bags For Food Packaging

If you’re in the market for paper bags, you will find everything you need from us. We have an assortment of paper bags available in various styles, shapes and sizes. Find the perfect paper bags for all your packing, storing, and takeaway needs here at Disposable King.

Top reasons why wholesale paper bags are a good choice

  • Reliable
Paper is actually a heavy-duty material when it comes to packaging. Kraft paper, for example, is thicker and more durable than ordinary paper types. This makes it a suitable material for wholesale paper bags in the market. Other paper bags are grease-proof and are ideal for serving up food items. Also, paper bags with handles are more convenient and are easier to transport.
  • Customisable
Our paper bags wholesale Melbourne are simple-to-customize according to your business style, brand name, or logo. They come in plain brown or white colors for convenient re-designing. If you’re looking for non-plain paper bags, we also have printed chicken bags and kebab bags ready for use.
  • Eco-friendly
Most importantly, our wholesale paper bags are better for the environment. Compared to plastic bags, paper bags are eco-friendlier since paper is biodegradable and doesn’t take long years to decompose. With our availability of paper bags wholesale Melbourne, you can source the paper bags your business needs at affordable, wholesale rates! Browse through the Disposable King website to find the paper bags you require today.

How to choose a paper bags supplier Melbourne

Our paper bags are convenient enough that you can package groceries, sold items, cooked foods and baked goods for customers to take home. From Deli bags to twisted-handle bags, our paper bag products enhance your take-out services and meet all your food packaging needs. Disposable King is your trusted paper bags supplier Melbourne, also catering to the rest of Australia and beyond. Our years of experience in the industry have made us one of the most reliable names when it comes to disposable packaging and paper bag supplies. Our wholesale paper bags are ideal for take-out orders, sales, and catering --- helping your business to run efficiently and smoothly. Browse through our full collection of grocery paper bags and find the perfect ones for your needs.

Disposable King --- your paper bags supplier Melbourne

Finding paper bags wholesale Melbourne need not be difficult. We exist for you to source your packaging and sanitizing requirements easily, at the best prices. Looking for eco-friendly brown bags or grease-proof white bags? We have them all right here! Disposable King makes sure you have everything you need in one place. Place your order now to avail of wholesale prices. Disposable King is your reliable paper bags supplier Melbourne --- whether for business, sales, or events. Talk to us today.
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