Plastic Straws

Are you looking for something that complements your tableware? Then why not order eco-friendly paper straws from Disposable King? Offered in a wide range of colours, sizes, styles and patterns, our straws are made from food-safe, durable materials. They are biodegradable and are known to add a colourful and festive touch to your next event.

Paper & Plastic Straws:

We not only carry paper straws but also supply plastic straws in a wide assortment of colours that can complement all your served drinks and beverages. Stylish and chic, our big collection of paper and plastic straws are perfect for cafes and restaurants that want to serve drinks in an eye-catching way.

Our Range Of Straws:

Our collections include long flexi artistic straws, jumbo clear straws, jumbo black straws, bubble tea straws, black cocktail straws, flexi straws and regular straws in blue, black and red colour. So, whether you are running a juice shop, coffee shop, café or restaurant, our range of straws will match your establishment’s style.

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