Foam Food Containers (Polystyrene / Styrofoam)

Foam food containers are disposable packaging units that can be used to store various types of food and beverage items. They are good thermal insulators and help keeping the food cold or hot for a longer span of time. Due to their amazing features, these foam products are used widely in food outlets and restaurants for take-out food orders. Here at Disposable King, we import and supply a wide range of foam products such as 3 compartment foam clamshell, foam cup, dinner foam clamshell, snack foam clamshell and burger foam clamshell with hinged lid in different sizes to choose from.

The foam food containers we supply can eliminate condensation and keep the food fresh for a long time. As they come with perfect lids, the leakage and spilling of food can be easily prevented. We ensure that you can enhance your to-go business with our convenient and versatile foam hinged take out containers.

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