Brown Kraft Bags Melbourne

The versatility of brown kraft bags is undeniable. They’re great for sales, takeaways, events, and general use. And because they’re made of biodegradable kraft paper material, they are an eco-friendlier choice than plastic bags and other paper bags. Here at Disposable King, we supply a selection of brown kraft bags in various styles and sizes. Whether you need twisted handle paper bags or die cut brown kraft bags, we have them. Shop conveniently right where you are and get the brown kraft bags you need for your business or event today.

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Our brown kraft bags are thick, sturdy, and versatile. Compared to standard paper, kraft paper is a lot sturdier, owing primarily to its lignin content --- one of the components that make wood ideal as paper material. Since kraft paper doesn’t require any bleaching, it’s a lot thicker than white paper. This also makes kraft paper better for the environment. The versatility of kraft paper means it can be used for many purposes ---- whether it’s for packaging, sales and marketing, or gift wrapping. Our brown kraft bags at Disposable King bring value to any event or sales effort. Twisted handle paper bags are great for merchandise or event tokens while die cut handle paper bags can be excellent for food takeaways and even clothing items, and more. Best of all, our paper kraft bags with handles are customisable. This means you can customise the overall design of these bags to better suit the style and tone of your business. Easily print your brand name or logo on the face of these brown kraft bags to improve visibility and name recall.

Sturdy, eco-friendly paper kraft bags with twisted handles

Whether for delivery, takeaways, or events, our die cut and twisted handle paper bags are great for the job. Paper bags with handles are also a more secure alternative to non-handle brown bags, making them an excellent choice where packaging is concerned. We have brown kraft bags in different styles and sizes. Need twisted handle paper bags or die cut handle brown Kraft bags? Disposable King is your trusted source in Melbourne and beyond. Start shopping on our site, or send us a message today.
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