Dim Sum Papers / Perforated Steamer Pads Non-Stick


Material: Silicone Oil
Color: White
Pack Qty: 500
Carton Qty: 10,000


Designed with holes to aid steaming, allows for steam circulation
Keep bamboo tray free from food residue, make clean up a breeze
There are plenty of holes to speed up the steaming process
Non-stick, keep your breads, dumplings, buns, dim sum integrity and nice look
Designed to be greaseproof, non-absorbent, and non-stick

Additional Information
Paper Sizes

4"/120mm, 4.5"/114mm, 5"/125mm, 5.5"/140mm, 6"/150mm, 6.5"/165mm, 7"/178mm, 7.5"/190mm, 8"/200mm


Carton of 10,000, Carton of 5,000, Packet of 500

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