Pizza Box Brown Sizes 9 “/11″ & 13” Bundle of 100


13″ 330x330x40mm LxWxD
11″ 280x280x40mm LxWxD
9″   225x225x40mm  LxWxD
Bundle Qty: 100 x 1

Colour: Brown

Pizza Box Brown, available in sizes ranging from 9-15 inches

Pizzerias the world over know the importance of a good pizza box – strong and tough,
they need to be able to prevent toppings from being squashed while simultaneously protecting the pizzas shape on it’s journey to customers.

For quality protection, look no further than our new range of white and Kraft Pizza Boxes.
We’ll have the box that’s right for you

Additional Information

11" 280x280x40mm, 13" 330x330x40mm, 15" 380x380x40mm, 9"   225x225x40mm  LxWxD

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