Wooden Fork


Material: Wooden
Measurement: 165x22x1.8mm
Pack Qty: 100
Carton Qty 2000

SKU: WF160 Category:

Wooden Fork. Greenmark wooden cutlery is manufactured from natural wood using sustainable forestry practices that do not damage the environment. Food safe. Eco friendly option, eco chic look.
We carry wide product range: from spoon, fork and knife to spork and chopsticks, coffee stirrers and ice-cream sticks. Pre-packed cutlery fork/knife/napkin and fork/knife/spoon/napkin are great choice for takeaway and events.
Strong and durable.
In addition to its elegant and clean look, this renewable wood products are also biodegradable and compostable.

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Carton of 2000, Pack of 100

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