Toilet Moist Wipes 40 Wipes


Brand: Vinda
Sheets size: 20x15cm  / 40 sheets
Inner Qty: 1 (1×40)
Carton Qty: 12 (12×40)

SKU: VW3410 Category:

Vinda Toilet Moist Wipe made of ultra soft non woven fabrics, which made the wipes thicker and tougher, and yet gave you extra softness. Flushable Wipes leave you feeling clean and fresh every time you use them. Easily flushable, the sheets are lightly moistened for an effective clean. 40 pack Moist Toilet Paper.
These wipes have been tried & tested to breakdown with fluids, and/or water. There are no problems for use with sewerage or septic tanks.

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1 (1×40 sheets), 20 (20×40 sheets)

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