Stainless Steel Polish 5L (Oil Based)



Stainless Steel Polish contains a unique blend of ingredients for the total maintenance of all grades of polished stainless steel and aluminium.
It removes watermarks, finger smudges and conceals surface scratches. once applied it forms a protective mono molecular coating which repels water, soiling, chemical attack and adhesion.
This protective coating preserves the surface against deterioration, enhances the appearance with a lasting gloss and eases future cleaning. Ideal for lift doors, fridges, automotive and marine fittings.
Benefits and Features:
1.Will place a protective coating on Stainless Steel that will help prevent tea staining.
2.Will protect handrails from air borne contamination.
3.It leaves a non-oily surface on areas that are cleaned.
4.It does not attract dust.
5.It has a certificate of approval to be used in and around kitchen areas.
6.It can be used on all grades and finishes of Stainless Steel safely.
7.Only a small amount is used to cover most surfaces.

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