CPLA 6.5″ Knife – Black


Material: PLA derived from corn starch
Colour: Black
Measurement: 165mm
Pack Qty: 50×20 pkt
Carton Qty: 1000


PLA Bioplastic Cutlery

PLA bioplastic cutlery is created using natural materials including sugar cane, corn starch, and tapioca roots. Unlike ordinary, petroleum-based plastic, PLA is biodegradable, compostable, and renewable. It is also recyclable and sustainable, making it a good alternative for environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. Perfect for food servings and takeaways, the PLA bioplastic cutlery is convenient and priced just right. Its heat-resistant quality makes it ideal for a variety of freshly made dishes, meals, and desserts. Purchase your PLA bioplastic fork at wholesale price rates from Disposable King today.

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