4oz PLA Coated Ice-Cream Cup From Bamboo Paper


Dimensions: 76x60x50mm LxWxD
Brim Full Capacity: 4oz/118ml
Colour: Bamboo
Sleeve Qty: 50×20 sleeve
Carton Qty: 1000 (Sold in carton qty)

4oz PLA Coated Ice-Cream Cup, perfect for children’s sized servings of gelato’s and ice-cream.
Is made from Bamboo Paper, with a bioplastic PLA coating inside the cup which makes it biodegradable and compostable – at an industrial composting facility only.
Enhances and compliments the textures and colours of the ice-cream/gelato through the natural brown bamboo colour of the cup itself.
Using bamboo to source the paper material rather than wood paper not only saves trees, but reduces soil erosion, our carbon footprint and reduces the bleaching and inking involved in the process as these bamboo fibres are virgin fibres
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