Sugarcane Clamshells

The uses of sugarcane clamshells are many --- from storing and packing takeaway food to serving up fresh meals during live events. Disposable King offers top-quality sugarcane clamshells in different sizes for a versatile and eco-friendly way to serve up takeaway orders and catered food. Our clamshell containers are made from high-quality sugarcane bagasse. Whether you offer warm dishes or cold desserts, our sugarcane clamshells are up to the job. Browse through the Disposable King website to find the clamshell bagasse containers you need in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia.

Eco-friendly bagasse sugarcane clamshells

Here at Disposable King, you have a wide choice of various clamshell containers, particularly crafted using 100% biodegradable sugarcane bagasse. So, what makes sugarcane bagasse a better option than polystyrene or plastic containers? Let us count the ways:
  • 100% renewable and biodegradable
  • Compostable in a month (under ideal conditions)
  • Durable
  • Great for hot and cold dishes
  • Microwave-safe and freezer-safe
  • Versatile
Sugarcane clamshells are named as such because of their clam-like opening --- the lid is attached or hinged to the bottom part of the container and opens widely for convenient access to its contents. The covering or lid ensures that food stays fresh, safe, and secure before consumption or while on transit. Because sugarcane bagasse is made from durable, fibrous material, these containers are also great as packaging materials for non-food items. If you’re transporting breakables, electronics, or gadgets, sugarcane clamshells can bring added protection to these items as supplemental packaging.

Source your sugarcane clamshells from Disposable King

At Disposable King, the choice is yours when it comes to sugarcane clamshell containers. We have these sugarcane clamshells in different sizes and styles. Whether you need single-compartment containers or multi-compartment clamshells, you can shop from us. Some of our sugarcane clamshells are already designed specifically for hotdogs and hamburgers so you need not worry about finding food containers for popular snack items. Go eco-friendly and opt for these sugarcane bagasse food containers today. Build a sustainable and environmentally-conscious business starting from your choice of eco-friendly containers. Purchase your sugarcane clamshells from us at Disposable King and enjoy savings on wholesale prices!
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