Biodegradable Coffee Cups

Why Go for Biodegradable Coffee Cups?

Biodegradable food packaging types, such as biodegradable coffee cups, are a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs. But not all paper cups are created equal. When it comes to buying biodegradable coffee cups in Australia, you need to make sure that the cups don’t contain plastic or petroleum-based lining. Disposable King ensures that the recyclable paper cups you buy are truly eco-friendly and created using renewable materials.

Get Compostable Bio Cups from Disposable King

Here at Disposable King, we offer recyclable coffee cups that are truly biodegradable. Although we guarantee the leak-proof quality and durability of each of our paper cups, we also ensure its sustainability and eco-friendly quality. Whether you’re a café or bakery owner or a food stall seller, you can rely on our biodegradable food packaging at all times. Our biodegradable coffee cups are lined with PLA or poly-lactic acid instead of a petroleum base. Thus, not only are you serving your beverages in reliable and easy-to-use cups, you are also effectively reducing your carbon footprint as a business owner.

Order Your Biodegradable Cups Here

Our biodegradable coffee cups are available in a variety of sizes to suit your serving needs. From 4oz and 6oz compostable bio cups to 8oz and 12oz biodegradable coffee cups in Australia, our products are wide-ranging and reliable. Order your recyclable coffee cups from Disposable King today.
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